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How to Use Law of Attraction:The Beginners Guide

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If you are thinking about how nice it would be to have an ideal love partner, a lot of money, a right car, a great job, a wonderful house, we have news for you. With the power of the Universe, you can move all those things from your imagination and your mind, into reality, into your everyday life. It is just a matter of time and your power of will, of course.

You Have a Genie. Ask What You Want From Him

As mentioned on famous law of attraction quotes,the Law of Attraction is always working, no matter if you believe in it or not, no matter if you’re consciously creating something or not. If you don’t believe us, observe your past experiences- everything always happened in the same way as you were thinking about it. If that’s easier for you, imagine the Universe as some kind of a Genie who is always in front of you and asking what do you want. The Genie sees your thought as you wish, and the same second you think of something, he is giving you more and more of that, or some other, similar feelings that will provoke the same emotion.

If you have your Genie in front of you, then simply ask anything you want and believe that you will get that thing. Once you’ve ordered something, you don’t need to worry about it, that is not your concern. It is like you’ve ordered a meal via Uber, or you’ve ordered a pizza for dinner. It is not your job to worry about how the delivery guy will find you; that is his job. You only need to relax and to raise your vibration because what is your will find you, remember that.Read below articles to know about how to use the creative process.

Testing The Law Of Attraction From Small Things

If you think that you are not able to attract big things” we suggest that you start with attracting little ones. For example, say to yourself that from tomorrow, every time you go to a walk, you will find a white feather. Like that man in the book “The Secret, who tested the Law of Attraction with imagining a unique feather. Now, it is your turn to test the Law of Attraction, imagine your feather, coin, or believe something else that you want to attract. And be ready for the miracle.

If you want to attract a car into your life, don’t visualize just the car, visualize all the sensations connected with having that car. Imagine the wind in your hair while you are driving it, imagine how you are parking that car in your garage, imagine how you are cleaning the car, imagine how excited you feel while you are riding the car on the highway. Imagine all these sensations because the Universe will react to your emotions by sending you more and more things that will make you feel the same.

If you see that your neighbor or your close friend, or somebody whom you don’t even like, bought the car of your dreams, don’t be mad. Many people make a mistake in those situations, and they think that destiny is cruel to them, that everybody else got what should be theirs, etc. Well, none of this is true, the real truth is that the Universe sent you the signs that you are so close in attracting the specific thing, the only thing you need to do then is that you improve your vibration, that you help yourself to feel as good as you can. Read our below articles to know more about attracting things.


Follow The Process and Be Thankful to The Universe

But, if you are a beginner, the start will small things, and then, as you are improving in the Law of Attraction, you can slowly start with attracting bigger and more significant things into your life. While you are attracting things, don’t forget the simple rule- ask, believe, and receive it.

In the process of attracting and manifesting desired things into your life, one thing is also very important, and that is gratitude. Gratitude is very powerful, and it can instantly change your vibration, and it can bring into your life everything that is on that same vibration. Gratitude is a method, a skill that can learn. If you start saying “thank you” for everything that happens to you, and for everything that you get, that would be enough to change your life completely. Why is it so important to thank every blessing that we have in life? Because we are vibrational beings, we are pure energy. And the Universe reacts to our energy. Embrace gratitude because gratitude is the culmination of the faith. Read more about gratitude from our below articles.


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