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Are you living the abundance already? If the answer is no, what do you think, why is that? What is abundance the first place? Let’s define the abundance at the very beginning.

Hope you have seen number of law of attraction quotes related to the abundance.When you hear the word “abundance,” what does this word mean to you? What would mean to you to live the abundance? A great number of people, when they hear the word “abundance,” their first association is – money. That is not completely wrong. However, abundance is not related just to money. The abundance is so much more than just money. A great number of people connect the abundance only with having money, and that’s why all those people don’t understand one thing- that they are already living the abundance. They don’t understand how much of different abundances are surrounding them every day. They don’t have just that one thing with which they are connecting the abundance, and that’s why they think that in their life, there is no place for the abundance.

Universe is Full of Abundance and You Can Live With It

So what is the abundance? Doing the thing that you want, when you want it- that is the abundance. You can also add “with whom you want.” If you accept this definition, then the abundance doesn’t have the word “money” in its definition.

This world, this life, this Universe is full of abundance. Full. And that abundance is here for all of us. But, that abundance is not related just to the money. You can taste that abundance, and you can live that abundance, without the money.

When you start to observe the abundance as something that doesn’t necessarily need to contain money, then the money will come to your life and into your definition of abundance.

People think that for everything in life, money is necessary. And that is the belief that won’t serve anybody in a good way. As long as you think that money is necessary for going on a trip, as long as you think that you need the money to get a wonderful expensive dress- you will witness that. But, if you change your belief, when you convince yourself that money isn’t a necessary thing- your reality will change- you will earn a free trip, you will get that dress as a gift, etc.

You need to focus on all the abundances that you already have in your life. There is a family abundance, a friendship abundance, work abundance. The abundance of kisses, the abundance of nature walks, you name it.  It would be best if you started to look at the abundance with different pairs of glasses.

If life, if the Universe is full of abundance, why do you think that you don’t deserve that abundance? What do you think, all of the resources on this planet, for who is all that? Well, it is for all of us who live here; we all deserve to have an abundance of everything.

When you start loving yourself, when you realize that you are worthy, when you realize that you deserve- then you will start witnessing that abundance in your reality.

For as long as you think that you will live the abundance exclusively if you have a specific amount of money, you are closing every possible resource from which you could get the abundance.

Now, you can read the following affirmations. If you want to sense their full effect, then we suggest that you read them every day.

Abundance Affirmations for Your Day to Day Practice

I am open to receiving abundance.

The abundance comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.

The abundance comes to me in different forms.

The abundance is surrounding me.

I choose to live a life full of abundance.

In my life, I have an abundance of everything.

In my life, I have an abundance of health.

In my life, I have an abundance of love.

In my life, I have an abundance of power.

In my life, I have an abundance of drinking water.

In my life, I have an abundance of nutritious and healthy food.

In my life, I have an abundance of clothes.

In my life, I have an abundance of money.

The abundance makes me a free and powerful person.

I am happy and grateful for the abundance in my life.

I am thankful for my life to do all the wonderful things for me.

At this very moment, I feel, and I know that new abundance is coming to my life.

Life loves me, protects me, supports me, and sends me new abundances every day.

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