Attract Happiness to the Family life !

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In the next few minutes, we are going to talk about love, about relationship  between two people, about marriage, about conflicts, about jealousy and the most critical thing in this segment of life- about the reasons for all of the negative things which may happen in this area. Can we eliminate all the negative things that happen in the marriage? The answer is yes.

When you genuinely believe that you are the creator of your life, when you understand the Law of Attraction, and when you know that your emotion is the one who is in charge of creating and manifesting all the situations in your life, then, you will start to get the confirmations that this thing actually functions and that you can choose how your life will look. You will be able to create all the segments of your life the way you want to. Your deepest beliefs and your emotions are the ones who are writing the script of your movie.

law of attraction quotes,law of attraction for marriage,law of attraction for family life law of attraction quotes Attract Happiness to the Family life ! law of attraction for marriage lifeMany of us have the sincere belief that love relationships, at their beginnings, are lovely. When we fall in love, when we find a love partner, the first months are lovely, without any problems. That’s why, for example, the newly wedded couples are experiencing a trip called “The Honeymoon.” Everything is divine in that period; the problems come much later. From our early childhood, everybody taught us that that is the development of events.

But, what if we want to experience marriage without any problems? What if we’re going to stay on our Honeymoon until the rest of your life? Is this possible? With the change of your deepest beliefs related to love relations and marriage, it is possible. You can transform your expectations with the help of affirmations, but in this area of life, the focus has a huge role.You need to move your focus to positive things if you want to create and manifest positive things.

Your partner is reflection of you

How can you control conflicts between you and your love partner? Maybe you will not be thrilled with the thing that you are about to find out. Do you know whose “fault” it is if you are fighting with your partner? It’s not his fault, and it is your fault. How is that possible if you are doing your best to keep your marriage without problems? Well, the Universe gives you the partner that is the same as you are. Your partner is your reflection. If you are a jealous person, you will get a jealous partner. If you are always ready for an argument, your partner will be the same. But on the other hand, if you are a person who trusts his partner, who loves him unconditionally, you’ll get a partner with the same virtues.

So, how can you avoid fighting and arguing, how can you avoid conflicts in your marriage? Just become the person you would like to be married to– simple as that.

law of attraction quotes,law of attraction for family life,law of attraction for marriage,law of attraction expecting a baby law of attraction quotes Attract Happiness to the Family life ! law of attractionn for family lifeIf everything is great between and your partner, the next step is usually planning and expecting a child. Many people say that children disrupted relations in their marriage. Yes, that happens sometimes, but you and your partner are deciding it is going to happen to you, or you are going to take only positive things from this new experience. Choose wisely what you are going to focus on. The sleepless nights with a baby, or all the new amounts of love that the baby is causing you to feel. Choose what you will focus on. Focus causes emotions, and emotions are vibrating and creating the life of your dreams or the experience that you hate. It’s up to you.

Move the focus

We are taught to notice all the negative things related to your partner, and we are prepared to see all the things that upset us, all the flaws of your partner, all the things that annoy us, no matter if we are observing our partner or our children. So what should we do, how should we behave with our husband, our wife, our kids? We need to move our focus. From all the negative things to the positive ones. From all the annoying things to the things that are raising our vibration.

By focusing on the positive things, the things which we don’t like will slowly start do disappear, because that’s how the Universe functions. You can test this with your partner or with your kids. For example, if your husband is leaving dirty socks all over the house, try to ignore that. Instead of focusing on his slovenliness, focus on how great dad he is, how good he is with your kids, and potentiate that virtue of his. Slowly, in the ways you can even imagine, the dirty socks will disappear from everyday life. This is maybe a funny example, but you can apply it to whatever you want.