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Attract Love by Loving Yourself

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Giving that the Law of Attraction says that you can manifest anything that you want, that you can create in your real-life anything that once was in your mind, the conclusion is that you can also attract and manifest an ideal love partner. 

 Some people want to manifest an ideal love partner with the vibration of “not having” that perfect partner in this moment and with the vibration of “needing” that perfect love partner. And that is the main reason why those people are not successful in attracting and manifesting that ideal love partner.

When you are creating, when you are a conscious creator of your life, you understand that you are not manifesting the things you want, you are manifesting the things you are. You see, when you wish for something “very, very much,” then you are “very, very much” vibrating that you don’t have that thing. And when you “very, very much” vibrating that you don’t have that specific thing, then you are moving away from that thing; you are not allowing the Universe to send you that particular thing.

Who is the person who “very, very much” wants to attract something? Ask yourself, is there something that you want to attract “very, very much”? What kind of vibration stands beside that hard wanting of something? It is a vibration of not having that thing!

So, can we manifest our love partner just by wishing for that partner? No, we are manifesting with the help of our vibration, too.

Learn to Love Yourself

Today we will not be talking about how you can manifest love because love is something that you should manifest alone, with yourself, without a partner. But, when you learn to love yourself, when you understand that in your nature, in your essence, you are true love, but because of all the layers of deep beliefs, because of your fears, your worries, doubts, because of your past negative experiences you are not able to express love to yourself and be who you are, that is when you will be ready to attract and manifest an ideal love partner and ideal love relationship.

So, the starting point in attracting and manifesting a love relationship loves yourself. When you learn to love yourself, when you learn to be love, then the ideal love partner will come to your life!

Take a look at your previous love partners and admit to yourself- all of your previous love partners showed you who you were in the past. Your love partner is always your reflection, on some level.

“Am I in the relationship with the “right” person?” No matter when you ask yourself this question, the answer is always yes. Do you know why? It is because your love partner is always showing you your condition and your vibration at a specific moment

Some would not agree with this by saying, “This is not true, my partner is “such and such,” and I am not. “ Well, you don’t need to “be such and such”, but the truth is that you are vibrating in that specific way.

For example, you can vibrate with fear and manifest a partner who will make you feel frightened. You can vibrate with weakness and manifest a partner who will make you feel weak.

So, before you start attracting and manifesting a relationship and a love partner, take a look at your ex-partners and ex relationships.

Forgive & Forget the Past

You need to forgive yourself for your ex choices, and ex-partners, and you need to change yourself first, after that, your love field will change. If you are angry at your ex-partner, it is the same as if you would take a look at your reflection mirror and be angry at the mirror because of your wrinkling pants, bad hair, dirty sweater. It’s not the mirror’s responsibility. It would be best if you iron your pants, wash your hair, change your sweater.

Turn to yourself, work on yourself, and show some love to yourself. After that, ask yourself the following question: “ Do I want to attract and manifest myself, in my partner?”. Do you know why this question is important? It is because you will always, without exception, attract and manifest yourself in your future partner and your future relationship. That’s why it is important to be the best version of yourself. That’s how you will have the best possible love partner and the best possible relationship.


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