How to be a Money Magnet!


how to be a money magnet law of attraction quotes How to be a Money Magnet! money magnet 2When they start with their Law of Attraction journey, most of the people want to find out how they can attract and manifest money in their lives. If you know anything about the functioning of the Law of Attraction, you know just how important your emotions are in the process of attracting and manifesting anything that you want. So take a moment, and observe your feeling about money. How do you feel when you think about money? Are your emotions positive or negative? Do you think that money is the source of all of the bad things in this world, that money destroys families, that only bad people have a lot of money? Or you have the opposite opinion about money? You think that money is wonderful, that money can help you to live a fantastic life, that money can improve your life on so many levels? So, at the very beginning of our today’s article, you can find out what are your thoughts about money and what kind of emotions you are experiencing when it comes to money.

What are we striving for, in this life? We are all striving for abundance. We are all seeking for the abundances of everything, including the money abundance! Maybe some of you reading these lines would not agree, but wait until the end of the article, and you will understand the point.

Life is an abundance

Our life is imagined as an abundance. Many people are putting the equality sign between abundance and money, and that is not entirely true. So, what is the abundance definition? Before we give you the definition of abundance, think a little, and answer to yourself, what is abundance for you? What does it mean to you, “to live a life in abundance”?

The real definition of abundance is to be able to do the things you want when you want to do that! That means living life in abundance. Is there a word “money” in this definition? No. Because living life in abundance means to be happy, to be able to fulfill all of your dreams and desires.

Some of you would agree, but some of you would say “yes, but I want to travel the world, and I need money for that wish of mine”. That is true, but you must pay attention to one thing here. Here the important role is the role of your deep beliefs. During your whole life, somebody implemented the belief inside of you that money is necessary for traveling the world. And that is wrong! Do you know that there are people in this world who are continually traveling without spending money? Take the travel bloggers, for example. They are always traveling, flying in first class, spending their days in luxury hotels, etc. And they are doing that without spending money? Do you know how is that even possible? It is because their deepest beliefs related to money are saying that “you don’t need the money to travel the world”. And the Law of Attraction confirms their deep beliefs by giving them the things that are in tune with their beliefs. Your reality is always the reflection of your deep beliefs!

You can earn a lot of money

law of attraction money law of attraction quotes How to be a Money Magnet! money magnet 1If your deep beliefs about money are negative, then all of the experiences in your reality, about money, will be negative. If you think that you must work hard to earn money, you will witness that. If you think that no matter how hard you work, you will never have enough money, you will witness that. If you think that everybody besides you can earn a lot of money, you will witness that.

On another hand, if your deep beliefs about money are positive, then all of the experiences in your reality, about money, will be positive. If you think that you can find money on the street, you will witness that. If you think that money comes to you from expected and non-expected sources, you will witness that.

Do you understand? Your deep beliefs about money are creating your experiences!

So, if you want to transform your money situation, what it is that you should do? The answer is simple- you need to transform your negative beliefs into positive ones. And how can you do that? By practicing the Law of Attraction methods and techniques for changing beliefs- Affirmation, Guided Meditations, Gratitude, Visualization, and techniques such as “Check from the Universe,” etc.

Allow yourself to transform the beliefs related to money that is not serving you in the right way. Choose some of these methods and techniques and allow yourself to live an abundant life. The abundance of every kind is something that we all deserve, and money abundance is not an exception.