How To Control Negative Thoughts?

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Hope you have seen many law of attraction quotes related to negative thoughts.But you don’t have any idea about How to stop a negative thought? How can you stop a momentum? In the beginning, let’s clear the term “momentum.”

Momentum is the flow of negative thoughts. After the negative thought, the negative manifestation started, and after 17 seconds from that moment passed- then the energy starts. It means that after 17 seconds, another negative thought is sticking to the first negative thought, the third one to the second one, etc. It is a circle of negative emotions and negative manifestation. If you are frightened by this cognition- please don’t be because this momentum can be easily put into control. If you apply the things from this article, the momentum won’t visit you so often again.

01 Modify Your Previous Negative Thoughts

The first thing that is going to be helpful here is the modification of your previous negative thoughts and negative beliefs that don’t serve you in a good way. “Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative thoughts.” If that’s a case- feel free to distance yourself. Don’t modify your thoughts completely and radically; start with small changes. If the idea, for example, is: “I will do bad all the exams this semester,” change this thought into:” This semester I will do good in at least one exam.”

02 Take Responsibility For Your Own Life

The second important thing is that you start to take responsibility for your own life. You are the one who is making important decisions. You are in charge of your life, and that’s why you have the power to choose your thoughts. If something happens to you, you can’t change the circumstances, but there is one important thing that you can change, and that is your look at the situations. Whether you are going to perceive something as positive or negative- that is something that you decide.

03 Be Honest to Yourself

If you want to get rid of the negative thoughts, if you want to put them under your control, then you must be honest to yourself, when we talk about your emotions. Many people tend to hide their emotions, to act like they are strong, to act like nothing can make them sad, etc. That is a huge mistake because when you are not showing these emotions, you are collecting them, one by one, and putting them all inside yourself. And when you are full of those negative emotions, how can you have positive thoughts? That’s why it is important to cry when you want to cry, to be angry, when you feel like that, etc. You are a human being, don’t be ashamed to sense all the human’s emotions.

04 Take The Good Side of The Negative Thoughts

Another tip that we have for you is that you take the good side of the negative thought before you remove that thought. You’ve probably heard about a thing called “contrast.” The contrast is the situation when you feel negative emotions for example. At that moment, with your emotion, you are showing the Universe your desire- your desire is always the opposite of the contrast. So, before you remove negative thought, give yourself a minute, and notice that you’ve sent your wish to the Universe, in that same moment.

05 lower Your standards and Forget The Past

You can also do one more thing to transform your negative thoughts into the positive ones- lower your standards. Ask yourself, what do you want. Don’t look at the things other people want, observe what you want, and ask the Universe for that.

The negative thoughts can be transformed if you forget about your negative past experiences. Remember, today is not yesterday, and you are not defined by your past. If something bad happened to you in the past, that doesn’t mean that you are destined for a life full of unhappiness. Change that belief because it doesn’t serve you in the right way. Transform this statement about your experience into something that will help you raise your vibration. For example, you can say: “All of the bad things have already happened to me, now it is time only for the good ones.”

06 Understand The Difference

The last advice that we have for you to modify your negative thoughts into the positive ones is to make a difference between the negative things that other people are telling you and the negative things that you are saying to yourself. The next time when a negative thought comes to your mind, ask yourself from where did you get that thought? Is it something that somebody told you, or is it something you’ve said to yourself. Remove that negative thought that you’ve sent to you because you are your own best friend.