How to Start Visualization for Better Health

law of attraction for health law of attraction quotes How to Start Visualization for Better Health law of attraction for better health 1With the vibration high enough, you can attract and manifest anything you want. You can heal your health; you can achieve the ideal health. We are vibrational beings, and for the whole time, we are connected with our “non-physical.” With the help of our emotions, we can figure out we are near the Vortex where everything is the way we want to be (including the ideal health), or we are getting further from that Vortex, and at the same time getting away from the ideal health.

How does the process of creating looks like? In the process of creating and manifesting, the very first step is sending the wish to the Universe. We are sending the wish in several ways- when we look at something and we want for that thing when we imagine having something, but, we can also send the wish when we don’t have a specific thing.

Very often, when we wish for good health when we lose that health when we find out that we have a disease, that something bad is happening with our health.

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When we lose our health, when we find out that we have a bad diagnosis, that means that we are witnessing a thing called “the Contrast”. Just like Vortex, the Contrast is also a part of the Law of Attraction. No matter that when we are witnessing the Contrast, we are experiencing negative emotions (such as fear, depression, etc), the Contrast isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and you must remember that!

When you change your perspective, your way of looking at things, then you will understand that you can benefit from the Contrast! The Contrast can be your good friend who is going to help you attract good and positive experience.

law of attraction quotes,law of attraction meditation,law of attraction affirmations law of attraction quotes How to Start Visualization for Better Health law of attraction meditation scaledFor example, if you’ve got the diagnosis of cancer, you’ve probably experienced the Contrast- a bunch of negative emotions. Those negative emotions are lowering your vibration, they are putting your vibration on the bottom of the emotional guidance scale. But, in those moments of Contrast, you are automatically sending wishes to the Universewish for getting rid of that bad diagnose, wish to be healthy, etc. In moments of Contrast, the Universe hears your wish loud and clear. And the wish you create in the Contrast is the opposite situation than the situation you are dealing with in those moments. After sending the wish from the Contrast, how can you enter into Vortex? Well you can do it in so many different ways, and today we will focus on one specific way, and that is the Law of Attraction Manifestation tool called the Visualization, and the Law of Attraction Manifestation method called “That would be so nice”.

Start Visualization

For achieving the ideal health, you can use the Visualization. You can simply go to a calm and quiet place, close your eyes and imagine yourself being completely healthy, without any health issue. During your Visualization, you don’t have to focus concretely on your health, you can imagine yourself doing the things that you would do if you were not limited to the health issue you are dealing with. For example, if you are dealing with asthma, you can visualize yourself doing training, running, or something similar, without any breathing problems, without strangulation, etc. Just visualize doing something while breathing deeply. You can apply this example to any health problem.

Many people who are using Visualization have a problem with it because they think that by imagining scenarios that are not real at the moment, they are “lying to themselves“. That is very far away from the truth, but, if you are one of those people, if you are at the beginning of your Law of Attraction journey, you can use the “That would be so nice“ method, instead of Visualization. To apply this method, you simply need to say, “It would be so nice to “ For example, “It would be so nice to be healthy.“, “It would be so nice to be able to live a life as a healthy person.”, “It would be so nice to spend my days not worrying about my health.”, etc. While applying this method, you are visualizing your future consciously, you are experiencing the emotion of “how nice something would be“, and at the same time, you are allowing your vibration to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. The more time you spend on a high vibration, the more likely is that you will manifest the things you want.

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