Law of Attraction for Health


law of attraction for health law of attraction quotes Law of Attraction for Health law of attraction for health lawofattract“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” What do you think about this sentence? Are you one of those who think about their health state after they catch a cold, or when something even worse happens? Or, you are grateful for every day you spend being completely healthy? No matter which of these two types you are, we will give you “the recipe” to attract and manifest health from now until the rest of your life.

No matter from which situation you are reading these lines, no matter if you are entirely healthy or dealing with some health issues. The first thing that you need to do, to attract and manifest your health, or to keep it well, you should send your wish for having good health to the Universe. How can you do that? If you are healthy, you can do it with a simple Visualization, with closing your eyes and imagining yourself healthy, in a good physical form, doing something in the future.

Imagination is the golden pathway 

If you are struggling with some kind of a health problem, you can also apply Visualization. You can imagine yourself as a healthy person, doing all the things that you would do if you are well and recovered. But, for those of you who are not completely healthy at the moment, there is another way of sending the wish to the Universe you can do that by doing nothing. Yes, you heard well. You see, if you are sick at the moment, you’ve already sent your wish to be healthy, automatically, and unconsciously, with the help of a thing called “the Contrast.” The Contrast happens whenever we witness something in our life that we are not happy about. So, when you are sick, you are automatically sending the wish to the Universe for the opposite thing- in this case, you are sending the wish for being healthy. So, the first step, the wish “I want to be happy” is already done, consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters here is that the Universe got your message.

healthy life law of attraction quotes Law of Attraction for Health lawofattractionfor healthAfter the first step, the second step comes along. And the second step is the answer from the Universe. And the Universe answers right after you send your wish. So, the second step in the process of attracting good health is also not your job; it is the job of the Universe. And in this second step, the moment the Universe answers, your “non-physical” experiences the achievement of that wish of yours. So, in the non-physical reality, you are already experiencing the achievement of your wish. In the non-physical reality, you are already a completely healthy person!

And after that, it is your turn to do something- the third step, where your job is allowing the fulfillment of your wish. What does it mean to “allow the fulfillment of the wish”? It means that you need to allow yourself to get in tune with your “non-physical,” and you are doing that with the help of your high vibration.

Focus to the vibration

The good health that you want to experience in your reality is already created. And that good health is already manifested, on a higher vibration. And what is it that you need to do to manifest that good health in this reality? You need to achieve the vibration of your “non-physical” in your physical body.
You can do two things here- you can raise your vibration, or you can not allow your vibration to fall. You can apply all of the Law of Attraction methods and techniques that will help you to move your vibration upper on the emotional guidance scale.

So, you have the choice, to lie down in the bed in a hospital, or at your home, with some kind of a diagnosis, and worry, be afraid, doubt, or, you can use that time to do anything that will move your vibration upper on the emotional guidance scale– affirm, visualize, tell the new story, apply some of the Law of the Attraction methods.

And the last advice that we have for you is that no matter what Law of Attraction method or technique you choose to apply, don’t apply it to attract and manifest good health. Apply it to feel better at the moment and to raise your vibration. With spending some time on a high vibration, good health is inevitable!