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Use the Power of Your Mind, and Allow Yourself to Attract a Partner

Covid19 pandemic and quarantine caught you single, without a love partner? Should you now wait for the pandemic to end and “normal life “to begin, in order to find someone and fall in love? Well, you can wait and trough away a few months, or even a year. Or, you can use the Law of Attraction and start attracting your ideal love partner right away!

You know, the Law of Attraction is working in the same way the Law of Gravitation does. No matter if we believe in the Law of Attraction or the Law of Gravitation, they are both working constantly, without “pausing “. There was no quarantine for the Law of Attraction, he was working for the whole time.

So, you are stuck at home, you are now working from your home, or you are going to school “online “, and you are limited in meeting new, interesting people. The same is for going out in night clubs, etc.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t meet new people. Yes, the Covid19 “new normal “situation limited us in many things, but not in this. Maybe we can’t meet the same amount of new people as we used to do, but, we get to choose the ones that we want to meet.

Universe will send you a reward

How can we do that? Well, we can use modern technology. We can use Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Grinder; you name it! Nowadays, there are so many mobile apps that can help us meet new interesting people, our potential love partners. The question is, are you opened up for that option, does it make you feel comfortable? You see, the Law of Attraction says that you can find your love partner in any place imaginable, so, yes, you can find it on some of these apps as well. It is just a matter of your deepest beliefs, emotions, and vibration over this topic.

If your deep belief is that it is possible to meet somebody interesting over Tinder, for example, you will feel positive and pleasant emotion while “swiping “, while talking to somebody you’ve met there, and in the end, while meeting that person over a cup of coffee. While you experience positive and pleasant emotions, your vibration is growing upper on the emotional guidance scale, and after you’ve spent enough amount time being on that high vibration- the fulfillment of your wish happens. After spending some time feeling good about this whole situation, the Universe will send you “a reward “- a new, interesting person, your love partner, from Tinder. So, if your deepest belief is that it is possible to meet somebody and fall in love even online, you will have that experience in your real life.

On another hand, if your deep belief is that only “crazy “, “strange “people, and “weirdos “are looking for love online, then you will witness that in your real life. If you feel weird and unpleasant while using these apps for meeting new people, you will lower your vibration, and you will step even further from the fulfillment of your wish- to find a love partner. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with using apps for dating, here it is what you should do. You have

two options- you can either modify your beliefs about dating apps or, you can simply choose not to use them.

Use Affirmations

The second option is clear, but if you do want to try with the first one, we have advice for you. You see, every single belief that we have is capable of transform. You can modify every single belief that you have, you can get rid of the beliefs that don’t serve you in a good way, and of course, you can add some new beliefs to your mind. Belief is just a sentence repeated so many times that you believed in it.

If you want to modify your negative beliefs about dating apps, here it is what you can do. You can use Affirmations, for example.

Affirmations such as:

“My friend found love over a dating site, that means that it is possible to find love even in that way. “

“The older I get, the more I am starting to accept the dating apps as something normal. “

“I choose to open up myself for meeting new, interesting people, and if that means that I should meet someone over a dating app, I am completely at peace with that. “.

So, the important thing is that you are attracting your love partner with your deep beliefs, your emotions, and your vibration. Use the power of your mind, and allow yourself to attract a love partner in a modern way. Try it, and don’t allow the Covid19 pandemic situation to leave you without one of the most wonderful things in this world-love.

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