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How to Attract Love ?

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If you want to attract your ideal love partner, then you need to tel your wishes to the Universe loud and clear. Be specific in wishing your perfect love partner, name all of his characteristics. If, during the past, you’ve attracted some partners that haven’t satisfied you completely, that is because you weren’t concrete in your demands your ideal person should have.With the help of law of attraction planner, follow these simple steps and day to day law of attraction quotes you can achieve within 30 days!

01 Imagine Your Partner

Now, you can imagine your ideal love partner, send your wish to the Universe and be patient until he gets to you. If you want your visualization to be easier, we suggest that you take a piece of paper and that you write down all the qualities that your ideal partner should have. How tall your partner will be, the color of his hair, the number of his years, the job of your ideal partner, etc. Write all these things and trust the Universe that he will send you your partner at the right time.

02 Start to Write Your Future Journal From Today

 Also, you could take one notebook and a pen, and you could write a Future Journal. There, in that journal, you can write down all of the things that you want to experience with your future love partner. You can write about the day you two will meet, you could write about your first date. You could write about your long walks about your summer trip about your wedding, etc. You can write down anything that you want to experience with your future partner.

03 Create Your Love Vision Board

Another thing you could do while you are waiting for your ideal love partner to step into your life is creating a love vision board. You can create this board on your computer, and you can place it as your screen saver or your desktop wallpaper, you can do the same for your mobile phone, or you can make a real vision board for your room, for example. All you need to do is to put some pictures on that board, the images of all the things that you want to experience with your future partner. Don’t put the boundaries to yourself in making this vision board, and you can put there whatever you want.

04 Feel That You Already Have It

Another thing that will speed up the process of attracting your life partner is your behavior. You need to act and behave like you are already in love. Behave in the same way as you would behave if you have your partner next to you. Feel the emotion of having your love partner by your side. Do everything like your partner is next to you. Empty a drawer in your bathroom for your partner’s stuff. Empty a part in the closet for your partner’s stuff. Do everything like your partner is here, living with you- adjust your home for your partner. Also, do the things a person in love would do- smile, watch romantic movies, listen to romantic music, etc. While you do that while wait for your love to come to your life, enjoy the process. Don’t be mad at yourself or sad because you are alone at the moment. Do the opposite thing- take advantage of this situation. Now you have the time for everything, now you have the time for yourself, and that will change as soon as your partner shows up, so enjoy it while it lasts.

05 Spread The Love

Spread the love on everybody else. Spread the love on your family, on your friends, on your co-workers. Hug and kiss your friends and family, and with the help of hugging and kissing, you will raise your vibration, and you will start to live the abundance of love. Your life is already full of love, when you focus on that love, soon enough, your ideal love partner will show up into your life too, and you will have the complete love abundance.

06 Positive Affirmations

Follow law of attraction quotes and learning’s. Also, you can use love affirmations to transform your negative beliefs about love into positive beliefs that will help you to attract your ideal love partner. Some of the affirmations that you could use:

“I deserve to love and to be loved. ”,

“Every day, I am closer to meeting the love of my life. ”,

“I want to be in a relationship where I can make my partner the happiest person on earth”

“I am attracting the partner who’s goal is to make me the happiest person on earth”

“I am a good person who deserves to live a happy life full of true love ”

“My emotions are pure when it comes to love, and that’s why I will attract love partner who is the same”




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