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3 Simple Methods to Attract Money

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To become a person experiencing a life full of abundance, including the money abundance, you need to practice different Law of Attraction methods and techniques that will help you transform your negative beliefs about money and, above all, to help your vibration to grow. When you have positive thoughts and beliefs about money and your emotions related to money are positive. Your vibration is high, and the financial abundance manifests in your physical reality. We will now explain a few ways to achieve that financial abundance.

Start to Manifest from Small Amounts

If you want to attract a big amount of money, we suggest that you start by attracting smaller amounts. So, if you are unemployed at the moment, without “logical” ways for attracting big amounts, start with the small ones, because that will be more acceptable for your mind and for your logic to understand. You see, your mind can’t understand how you can attract and manifest 1000$, but attracting 50$ sounds logical to your mind. But to the Universe, it’s all the same, to your mind- it isn’t. Your mind is the one who is limiting the manifestation of larger amounts, the manifestation of bigger things.

So, to attract money, you first need to experience the emotion of having that money, and then, that money will appear in your reality. 

Another advice that we have for you is that you need to define why do you want to attract and manifest that money. Why do you want it? If you want it because you think that you will be happy after you get it, that is not a good reason. If you want it so you could share it with the others, that is a better reason. You will attract and manifest money easier if the reason is for doing good deeds- for sharing, helping, investing in something that will help others, etc. Then money will appear faster.

Act as Already Have It

So, you need to act like you already have that money if you want to attract and manifest it.

For example, if you have 20$ in your wallet and see a homeless man on the street, would you give him 5$? Many of you wouldn’t. But, if you would give him 5$, the Universe would return that money to you in a way you couldn’t imagine. Did you notice how the ones who won the lottery are very often the ones who gave the last money for the lottery ticket? That confirms the Law of Attraction rule that you need to give something to get something bigger.

To attract and manifest money, we suggest using the most common law of Attraction method- Visualization. You don’t need to imagine yourself getting the money, you can imagine living a life where having money is something that goes without saying. For example, you can imagine yourself living in the house of your dreams, you can imagine yourself traveling the world, you can imagine yourself buying advanced systemcare pro ключ everything you want without looking at your wallet, etc. You can visualize yourself doing different things without thinking about money. You see, when you act like that in your Visualization, you are automatically sending the message to the Universe that money is not a problem for you, that you are experiencing financial freedom. And when you act like that in your Visualization, the Universe senses your vibration and sends you more and more things that confirm that. The Universe can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. So, if you want to attract money, it is enough to imagine yourself financially stable. Soon enough, you will witness financial freedom in your reality too.

The Magic Check from The Universe

Besides the Visualization, you can use a technique called the Check from the Universe. You can find a printable blank check from the Universe online or create it by yourself. Simply, write your name on a piece of paper, write an amount of money that you would like to attract and manifest, write the date when you would like to attract, and manifest it. Put away that check in your wallet, and simply forget about it. Don’t try to understand how the Universe will cash that check for you, because that is not your job. Have faith in the Universe, because the Universe will find a way like it always does. After filling out the blank check from the Universe, your only job is to do the things that are raising your vibration, and soon enough, you will be able to afford different things with the money that the Bank of the Universe will send you.


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