Affirmations for Attract Money

law of attraction for money law of attraction quotes Affirmations for Attract Money law of attraction for money 1You already know that everything in your life is the reflection of your deepest beliefs in programs. If you have positive beliefs about something, in this case, money, then your experiences, in reality, are in tune with your beliefs- you are witnessing a positive money situation. On the other hand, if your deepest beliefs about money are not so positive, then you are witnessing the lack of money in your reality. And that is a fact. But, since you are here, reading these lines, we assume that you are opened up to transforming your deep, negative beliefs into the positive. And that is not a hard thing to do. Just follow the “instructions” we are about to give you, and you will surely witness money abundance in your life in the future.

Affirmations are Helping You

First of all, you need to understand that money is not a bad thing, even dough, during our past, somebody tried to convince us that. Money is not a bad thing, money is just an instrument of exchange. As long as you don’t change your negative thoughts about the money, you won’t be able to manifest it. So, to change those negative thoughts and beliefs about money, we suggest that you Affirm with these sentences:

“Money is an amazing thing.”

“Money helps me to live a better life.”

“Money adds more quality to my life.”

“Money brings so many new good things in my life.”

“Money gives me the power to help others. “

Repeat these Affirmations every day, and allow yourself to accept new beliefs about the money.

Do you know who are the biggest proponents of the attitude that “Money is bad”? The ones that don’t have the money. Remember that. The ones who have the money understand that money is providing freedom.

Feel Good About Money

So, how can you start with attracting and manifesting money in your life? We already said that the first step is that you need to become aware that money is a good thing. Become aware of the fact that money is just an instrument of energy. You need to become aware that money is abundant in this world. You need to become aware that there is more than enough money for everybody on this planet. So, you need to stop saying that “There is not enough money”, because that is not true, that is your wrong belief.

law of attraction for money law of attraction quotes Affirmations for Attract Money law of attraction for money 2The second thing important thing- along the way, somebody convinced you that you “must know how the money will appear in your life”. That is also a big mistake! You don’t need to know that. Thinking about the ways of how the money will appear, finding “the logical” ways of money manifestation, is blocking that same manifestation! You don’t need to find out the logical way! You see after you’ve sent your wish to the Universe, the wish to attract money, you don’t need to think about that wish anymore. Your job, after sending the wish to the Universe, is to raise your vibration, and nothing else. When you think about the ways of how the money will appear, with searching for the logical ways, you are limiting the Universe. Because maybe, the Universe wants to send you that money in a way that will never cross your mind. So after you’ve wished for money, just stop thinking, and start raising your vibration. Don’t limit the Universe! Your mind can’t understand how can you, from an empty walled come to the 1000$ in a day. And it is not your job to think about that. You just need to do the things that will move your vibration upper on the emotional guidance scale and to have faith in the Universe, because Universe is powerful, the Universe can find a way to send you those 1000$. As long as you try to understand how the Universe is going to send you that money, you are limiting the money flow.

Another thing that you need to understand- you are not striving to have money just to have it, you strive for it because you think that you will feel better after you succeed in manifesting it. We all want to attract and manifest money because we think that we will be happy when we manifest it. So, we want to sense the emotion of happiness. If you want to attract money, is that mean that you are not happy? Absolutely not. It is completely fine to have the wishes for more money, but, at the same time, while you want to attract money, you need to be satisfied for all of the things that you already have. When you are grateful for “the little” you have, the Universe will reward you with more.