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The Effects of Gratitude in Relationships

Is it possible to have “the ideal” relationship with your partner, or is that something that exists only in movies and fairytales? Well, given that the Law of Attraction says that we are all conscious creators of all of the experiences in our life, we can indeed live a fairytale in our own lives. Yes, it is possible to have the ideal love partner and the perfect relationship. But, how can we achieve the perfect relationship?

First of all, we need to practice Gratitude, as one of the Law of Attraction’s most powerful tools. Why is it so important to be grateful? It is because the Gratitude, the emotion of being grateful, has one of the highest vibrations of all. When you experience the Gratitude, you are vibrating like you already have the things that make you feel good. When you vibrate like you already have the things that make you feel good, the Universe answers by sending you more and more things that will make you feel the same way. These more and more things are on the same high vibration.

Being Grateful for the Things You Already Have

If you are currently in a relationship, and you want to make that relationship ideal, then, you need to sense the Gratitude for the situation you are currently experiencing. Take a moment, and write down on a piece of paper the things you are thankful for this very moment. Write down that you are grateful that you’ve found somebody to spend your days with, write down that you are grateful for all the virtues your partner has, write down that you are grateful for each kiss you’ve got from your partner, for every hug you gave to your partner, for every night out, for every movie you two watched at home, etc. Write down all of the things about your partner and your relationship that are making you experience positive and pleasant emotions. Being grateful for the things you already have is the first step in keeping those things in your life. During these moments of Gratitude, you are sending the Universe the message with the help of your vibration, and the Universe understands you loud and clear that you want to experience all these things for a long, long time.

On another hand, if you are single at the moment, without a love partner, if you are not in a relationship, you can also use the Gratitude, to attract and manifest an ideal relationship. How may you be wondering? If you are single, you maybe think that you don’t have enough things to be thankful for. Oh, how wrong that is!

Maybe you’ve forgotten, or you didn’t know, but, while you are talking to the Universe, you are not speaking with words; you are communicating with vibration. In other words, the Universe doesn’t care about what you are talking about; the Universe doesn’t care what the things you are thankful for are. The Universe only reacts to the emotions you are experiencing and the vibration you are emitting.

How Many Things You Have to Be Grateful?

If you want to send the message to the Universe that you want to attract and manifest a love partner and a love relationship, you can do that by writing down the things you are grateful for, the things that are not necessarily connected with your love life. For example, you can write down that you are grateful for your job, good health, friends and family, the things you’ve bought yesterday, the airplane tickets you’ve booked for your next journey, etc. You can be grateful for literally anything you want. You will sense positive emotions from that Gratitude, and, at the same time, your vibration will rise. Soon enough, the Gratitude, the positive and pleasant feelings, and the high vibration from one field of your life will overflow on the “love area” of your life. You will start to witness positive changes in this area too.

Remember, if, from five things in your life, you are satisfied with four of them. You are focused on that one which is not doing so well; the vibration from that one negative thing will lower these four other things’ pulse. On the other hand, if from five things in your life, you are satisfied with just one of those things, and you are not satisfied with the remaining four, focusing on that one thing. Being grateful for that one thing, you can change the vibration of these things you are not satisfied with because that’s how The Law of Attraction functions.

So, no matter what your situation is, if you are truly grateful for the things that you already have in your life, if you choose to focus on the things that you already have, you will allow your vibration to move upper on the emotional guidance scale. And when your vibration is high, you will experience satisfaction in your love life too.


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