What is the Vortex and How Can You Enter into the Vortex

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If you think that we are sent to this world to live this life suffering, fighting, that life is a battlefield, that God is vindictive if you believe that we have to live our days being afraid and feeling bad- we are more than happy to say that you are completely wrong. If deep down in yourself you know that you are meant for something better, that life is imagined to be wonderful and beautiful, that we are here to create and to be happy, than this article will be very interesting for you.

We came to this world to be creators. We are all creators. It is just a matter of who is a conscious creator and who is an unconscious one. There is something that is called the Law of Attraction. That is the Law completely the same as some other laws of nature and the laws of the Universe. All those laws function and during our growing up they taught us about every other Law except the most important one- the Law of Attraction.

We are Vibrational Beings

what is vortex,vortex law of attraction quotes,vortex law of attraction pdf  law of attraction quotes What is the Vortex and How Can You Enter into the Vortex vortex law of attraction guideWhat is the Vortex and what does the Vortex have in common with the Law of Attraction? Before anything else, we, humans are vibrational beings. We vibrate. We are energy. Everything around us is energy. That is the first thing that we need to understand- that we are vibrational beings. Why is that so important? It is because, with the help of our vibration, we are attracting specific things into our lives and our reality. We attract people, and we attract things, we attract situations- we attract everything. We attract all of these because we are vibrational beings.

So, what is the Vortex? Vortex is the whirlpool of the positive energy, of the positive energy which is placed in some other dimension that we are not able to see because we are physical beings. There, in that dimension, in the Vortex, all of our dreams, all our wishes, our “Non-physical I”, all of that is placed. You can imagine Vortex as one beautiful different reality. Since we are the energy, we are non-physical beings but, we are also non-physical beings in physical form. We are energy in the body. We are some kind of extension of our non-physical being.

What is the Contrast?

vortex law of attraction,the vortex law of attraction quotes,what is the vortex mean,what is vortex law of attraction,vortex quotes law of attraction quotes What is the Vortex and How Can You Enter into the Vortex voretx law of attractionIn which way this life function and what Vortex has in common with this life? There is something that is called “the contrast”. The contrast is the thing that we define as something bad. The things that we don’t like. But this life, without the contradictions, wouldn’t be so magnificent because the contrast is necessary to happen if you want to send your wish to the Universe. With the help of the contrast, you are sending to the Vortex all of the things that you wish to manifest into your reality.

Because in the Vortex there is all of that- your wonderful job, your ideal health, your beautiful love partner, the financial abundance, your perfect body appearance. But, none of these things you couldn’t wish, ask for and in the end manifest, without the contrast. If for once you didn’t have a bad job, bad health, a love partner that disappointed you, the lack of money, a few extra pounds, then you wouldn’t have the contrast and you wouldn’t send the desires for the opposite things into your Vortex. The contrast is necessary.

Emotions are Our Guidance

When contrast happens, at the same moment, your wishes have been sent into the Vortex. Your “non-physical I” is in the Vortex already. And your “non-physical I” already has all those things you have wished for. And from that moment on, your “non-physical I” is telling you: “Come to the Vortex”, “Attract the things from the Vortex into your real life”. How is your “non-physical I” telling you all these things? He is sending you messages with the help of your emotions. Through your emotions, he is telling you “you are on the right way” or “you are in a bad way, you have to change something”. Our emotions are our guidance and our conversation with our “non-physical I”.

vortex definition law of attraction,law of attraction vortex quotes law of attraction quotes What is the Vortex and How Can You Enter into the Vortex getting into the vortex scaledWhen you feel good, when you are happy and satisfied, all the things from your Vortex are coming to your reality. That means to be in Vortex. To be in Vortex means to be happy.

Everything that we want to attract to be happy. Why do you want a new car? Why do you want a new job? Why do you want to fall in love? The answer is the same for all those things- it is because you think that when you finally get that, you will be happy.

That’s why your non-physical being is sending you the message “Be happy”. First, be happy and then you will get all the things from your Vortex. And you can be happy with using so many tools- meditation, affirmations, visualization, gratitude, law of attraction quotes etc. Choose your method and step into the Vortex.